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Boss Chick Magic Promotions

Hey Boss Chick!

Thank you for your interest in Boss Chick Magic Promotions!

Please read this carefully (the guide will be broken down into categories):

This investment is for ONE (1) ad placement in our upcoming digital guide.

Material for upcoming guide is due no later than Wednesday, February 13, 2019 and you will need the following:

Your Name:
Your Business Name:
Your Logo or Photo:
3-5 photos of your work (for hair stylists, makeup artists, nail techs)
Your Website:
Your Social Media Handles (@yournamehere):
Your Tagline:
Your Elevator Pitch (how do you help customers?) (elevator pitches are optional for hair stylists, makeup artists, nail techs).
We will send the above to you as well to the email that is included with your payment (please check all spam filters if you do not see an email from us upon purchase).
Use Subject Line: Promotion for Upcoming Digital Guide
Please note: for guide formatting purposes, we may not choose all photos of your work included with your submission. 

Upon submission, you are confirming that your responses are accurate and true and all logos and images are your original work and owned by you.

We have the right to refuse any promotion for any reason and will issue a refund accordingly.

We will release the digital guide every quarter (February 22, May 17, August 23, and November 1). In addition to your inclusion in our guide, we will promote your brand twice a month for free for the quarter on our social media pages (this will take place after the guide is released).

Please do not submit your promotion if it is a network marketing business. It may cause a conflict with other networking marketing businesses that may wish to promote with us. It also helps us not to promote the same network marketing brands under different business owners.


How it works:

  1. Reach a new audience. Want to save time by quickly expanding your reach? This works two ways: (1) when you promote your brand with us, you will have access to various social media and marketing platforms, including ours. (2) when you are promoted by another brand when they share our guide with their followers, you will also have a chance to grab their audience by the eyeballs and pay attention to your promotion.

For example: if 20 advertisers with an average of 500 followers each post this guide, your reach has expanded from 500 to 10,000 with one investment.

  1. Save money on marketing expenses. Your investment can increase visibility so you have an opportunity to get more bang for your marketing bucks. By being part of our Biz Guide, teaming up with other small businesses within this guide speeds up the process of putting your brand in front of new customers and connections without having to physically do it yourself. While everyone is promoting themselves in this guide, they are also promoting you.
  1. You have a new piece of content. Are you scrambling to come up with a new piece of content? Time to say hello to your new friend. Being resourceful is always a good lead generator and by using this guide as a “freebie,” you’re able to gain new leads for your business.

Please note: promotions do not guarantee an increase in sales or followers. Boss Chick Magic solely presents the information given to us. But, your content and images will be given the opportunity to pierce hearts, turn heads and potentially turn them into new followers and buyers of your brand.

To maximize your promotional dollars, here are few tips on how to use your social media pages leading up to the release of the guide:

  1. Your page should be current. Posting 2-3 times a day is the goal (but we know that's not always the case). So, posting at least once a day is a good start to show the consistency in your brand.
  1. Your page should be filled with eye-catching content that tells your audience who you are, what you do and how you're going to help them. Most new followers will only check out the last 9 images on your Instagram ("Top 9") before they make a decision to like or follow.
  1. Use high quality images. First impressions are lasting and you want to have a chance to grab your (new) audience by the eyeballs and take notice to your page the first time. So, the better the images, branded quotes, branded memes, etc. the more likely you are going to attract your audience at first glance.
  1. If you are using a lead generating link in the guide, it should be in place before we release the guide. Check the dates above for the release dates. Your promotion should be posted on the day our guide goes live.
  1. Use a custom link that hosts multiple links. You may have a few things going on that don't always lead to your website's home page. Create a link that will take a user to multiple links (example: bit.ly/bcmllinks).
  1. Use hashtags. You have a chance to use up to 30 for every post. Make them count.

Bonus: After the guide is released, you may use it as a lead generator. Please note that all of our material is copy written material and our guides are currently not for sale or resell. Our guides are for promotional purposes only.

Have questions? Email us at submissions@bosschickmagic.com.