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Tap Here for 15% Off Your First Order (Merchandise Only)!
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About Us

Boss Chick Magic is an online boutique that carries apparel and accessories for the woman that doesn’t let society tell HER what a Boss Chick is, especially when you're out there handling and minding your own business AND making it look so easy :) You get to let the world know exactly who you are...without saying one word.

And we already know who you are...

You're a real woman that's the boss of you.

You've got your your money right and you’re one step ahead of the game.

No one knows how you do it, but you always manage to “get ish done!”

You don't have time for games.

You’re not afraid to hold your own…whether it’s at your 9-5, your business or even your household.

You make boss moves…DAILY!!  

You set goals and go after what you want…and you go get it.

You set standards and lower them for NO ONE.

You’re humble…but occasionally you have to “let people know” because they only see you as “just a woman.”

Many try to underestimate you...

…and that’s where they have you messed up.

You show up, drizzle a little bit of your stardust, and remind them of who they’re dealing with…

A Boss Chick!

Once you leave their presence, there’s no forgetting who you are.

And that’s how you sprinkle your Boss Chick Magic.

Tap this link if you're ready to step your "boss chick" mood up a notch, stop wasting words and energy on people committed to misunderstanding who you are and let your apparel and accessories be your "best paid employee" by doing all the talking for you.