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50+ Ways to Say No to Free Seekers

Listen. Your time matters....

You don't have time for people to ask for your time...just for them to waste it.

You don't have time for people to feel entitled to free services just because they "know" you.

You don't have the energy to go back and forth with anyone over working for free, especially when they'll happily pay someone else to do the same thing.

You're losing your sweet sanity over it because you don't want to come across as a selfish "mean girl" but you also don't want to be taken advantage of.

Bottom line: you're frustrated and exhausted from people taking advantage of your niceness. You're over it. These free seekers are wasting your precious time which means you're losing out on much needed sleep and sanity and it's having a negative impact on your personal life and your bank account.


Now here's the thing...

You actually enjoy helping people. But you constantly battle with yourself over the thought of telling someone "no," especially if it's something you know you're easily able to do.

✓ Because you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

✓ You know what it feels like to need "just a little help."

✓ And you love knowing that somebody else is winning because of your help.

But constantly spending your energy and getting nothing in return? That's a dangerous combination.

Eventually, you'll start racking up lost time, lost sanity and plenty of resentment...and no coins.

Sooo, before you say yet another regrettable yes...we have a solution.

The short version? Just start saying no.

But how do you say no without hurting anyone's feelings?

Option 1: You can keep putting your limited time, sleep, peace of mind and coins on hold so you can spare their feelings.


Option 2: You can dive into this book where we give you a word-for-word playbook on exactly what you can say when someone is asking you for free things concerning your business.

Why Do You Need This Book?

You need this book if:

 You've had people promise to pay for your services on an "honor system"...and not pay.

 You've had people feel entitled to your time just because they "knew" you.

 You've had people pull a "bait and switch" by booking your time for one thing and when you met them, it was for something completely different.

 You've had people ask for your time, book their appointment then pulled a disappearing act on the day of without advance notice...then ask for your time again...for the same exact thing.

 You've had people ask for you to reschedule your calendar even after you've already told them you are unavailable.

With this book, you'll discover different ways that people will try to test your temperature to see how likely you are to give up the free business...and you'll know exactly how to respond to their free seeking request by the time they're finished asking.

So, you'll be able to end the energy-draining cycle once and for all. 

✓ No more going into panic mode.

✓ No more racking your brain on how you're going to turn down their free-seeking request, and...

✓ No more fumbling over your words only to commit to something you never really wanted to do to begin with.

You can end each and every freebie request with confidence and professionalism all while keeping your money, time and energy in check.

People are talking. Here's what they're saying...


Who am I?

Allow me to (re)introduce myself...

I'm Bree Caldwell and biz women call on me when they're ready to sprinkle their Boss Chick Magic without sacrificing so much of their sanity, sleep, personal life and money to do it.

Known for my caring yet "short, sweet and to the point" approach, I take clients by the virtual hand and help them end that feeling of playing tug-of-war with knowing you need to move forward in your biz but you're not sure of what the next move is.

Ready to end the game of tug-of-war between free seekers and your time and start making your bank account proud again? Grab a digital copy of 50+ Ways to Say No to Free Seekers by clicking the pink button below.